Phased Array (PAUT)


Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) is a sophisticated nondestructive testing (NDT) method that employs a multi-element probe and advanced software to produce high-resolution, real time imaging of internal structures. Unlike conventional ultrasonic testing, PAUT allows for electronic beam steering, which means it can scan a larger area without physically moving the probe, offering greater coverage and flexibility. This makes PAUT exceptionally effective for detecting flaws such as cracks, voids, and inclusions in materials ranging from metals to composites.

The standout advantage of PAUT is its unparalleled accuracy and detail. The technology enables inspectors to configure the ultrasonic waves for customized focal lengths and angles, ensuring comprehensive assessments of complex geometries and welds. This is particularly advantageous in industries like aerospace, energy, and infrastructure, where even minor defects can have significant safety and operational implications.

By choosing PAUT, you’re opting for an efficient, accurate, and versatile inspection method that not only enhances the safety of your components but also significantly reduces downtime. Trust Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing for an elevated standard of quality assurance.