Magnetic Particle

Dry or wet fluorescent magnetic particle testing (MT) is performed on ferromagnetic materials to detect surface and slight subsurface discontinuities such as cracks, seams, laps, voids, or flaws. Specialized wet fluorescent magnetic particle techniques are available for blacklight internal examinations of equipment through borescopes.

APEX works closely with steel fabricators, metal fabricators, and aluminum machine shops to provide one-on-one quality inspections that are both cost-effective and offer fast turn times for your product. We have a level 4 dye penetrant system that is qualified for use on turbine engine components.

How MT Works

A magnetic field is established in a component made from a ferromagnetic material. The magnetic lines of force travel through the material and exit and re-enter the material at the poles. Defects, such as cracks or voids, cannot support as much flux and force some of the flux outside of the part. Magnetic particles distributed over the component will be attracted to areas of flux leakage and produce a visible indication.

Roller Coaster
Magnetic Particle Testing 1
Broken Pipe
Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment