Eddy Current

Eddy Current Testing (ET) is used for industrial applications requiring surface and subsurface crack detection and metal sorting. APEX's nondestructive eddy current testing equipment and solutions will meet the critical requirements of your unique application and deliver productivity, quality, and safety.

How ET Works

General eddy current applications can be further subdivided into applications involving the measurement of physical property differences, such as flaws and thickness; applications involving the measurement of parameters relating more to conductivity, such as hardness, or applications involving the permeability changes in ferromagnetic parts. These are not clear-cut subdivisions because the physical parameters also affect coil impedance and material conductivity. Heat treatment also affects conductivity in non-ferromagnetic parts and permeability in ferromagnetic parts.

Current Inspection Projects

  • Boeing 757 Engine Pylon
  • Boeing 767 Midspar Fittings
  • Cessna Carry Thru Spar
  • Learjet Potential Drop
  • T-6 AMOC
  • T-34 AMOC
Inspecting a Parts
Eddy Current Testing