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Apex Inspections, Inc - Magneto Optical (MOI)

Magneto-Optical (MOI)

Magneto ā€“ Optical (MOI) is a portable system that produces images showing irregularities and discontinuities in the inspected material. Rivet holes, cracks, and subsurface corrosion are readily visible. The MOI uses eddy current imaging, which is a technology which allows nondestructive method of inspection of most ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metals.

Magneto Optical (MOI)

Apex Inspections is one of the few companies that acquired a MOI unit for Boeing Aircraft inspections. We have utilized the MOI on Cessna Citation Lap seams and during SID and heavy ā€œCā€ inspections on the DC-10 and MD-11 aircraft. Using our 3D headset we are able to find the defects that are sometimes overlooked.